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For St. Patrick's Day…

I missed the opportunity to regale you with videos of Welsh songs for St. David’s Day, back on the 1st of March, but thanks to my wife’s Irish ancestry and the way St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated here, I have the excuse to make that up some, and present a few vids from the other branch of the Celtic family tree!

To get some vids, I went to YouTube and threw “irish” in the search box. One of the first entries was a video for “The Fields Of Athenry“. It’s quite a sad song, but for some reason I couldn’t get it out of my head, and I’ve now stayed up way too late watching dozens of versions, from aunts and uncles congregated in a kitchen singing “the Republican version“, through amateur soloists and groups, via choirs and rugby crowds all the way to professionals, such as this version by Paddy Reilly:

After that depressing tune, we’ll liven things up a little!

Here’s Fiffin Market’s, (now called Lexington Field, apparently!), modern take on “Molly Malone”, (which seems to be one of those songs known by all rugby fans, regardless of nationality!):

And to finish off a more traditional version of a traditional Irish song, it’s The Dubliners with “The Wild Rover”:


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