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9:30AM On Christmas Eve And One Surprise Spoiled

I woke up early this morning, (6:30AM), with the plan to sneak off to WalMart for a few random things, including bags for the kids’ presents. So… I’m sneaking around, getting ready and am almost out the door when I realize I am missing my keys.


By 7AM I have given up looking and come online.

About quarter past DS1 comes strolling out of the bedroom, which is, in itself, astonishing, considering his sleeping pattern, (or lack of it, right now). He asks why I’m awake and when I get to the bit about missing keys, he tells me he knows where they are, and retrieves them from the only place I didn’t look – the desk in the bedroom. I thank him, and carry on w/ email and FB games for a while, until he mentions he’s hungry. And that he wants to go out to Staples for some ballpoints w/ erasable ink.

I formulate a plan…

We swing by the bank, hit Waffle House for a quick breakfast – cinnamon raisin toast & coffee for me, sausage patty in a biscuit and sprite w/ vanilla for him – then off to Staples. We get the pens and I mention popping in WalMart, which is next door.
We’re mooching around the store a little before I head to the area w/ the bird seed. As the section is right there, I decide to have a look-see in the Christmas Store. All was fine until we’re looking down the aisle w/ toys.

Now, ordinarily, I’d be preparing myself for a meltdown at this point, but DS1 had been in such a good mood, and with Christmas Day tomorrow, I figured I’d easily dissuade him from any purchases or meltdowns.

And then it happened…

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dino Megazord.


This damn toy…

DS1 has been on about it for months. I have spent hours looking in stores and at various websites trying to ding this damn thing and there it is. Mocking me. The Zord’s face looking through the clear plastic with a mocking smirk.

You see, this time last week, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dino Megazord I managed to find and get the winning bid on arrived in the mail, in its little square box, (it was an ex-display model, from a collector). $33, inc. shipping.

Store Zord? $24.95. On sale.

DS1 is excited and my only plan that I could come up with was telling him the truth. On reflection, I could have bought it and just returned it some time, but I know how things work around here: we’d have ended up with two Zords.

I still can’t believe it was there… on the shelf…

Typical! *lol*


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