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Why Herman Cain?

As a new citizen of the USA, I am facing, with relish, my participation in my first American general election, in 2012.

Using Pres. Reagan’s yard stick of asking oneself “are you better off than you were four years ago?“, I have to respond in the negative and so I wish to help to put in place those who have shown their intent to fix the situation we are in.

As I have already indicated, the big topic on my mind is tax reform, specifically the shift from the current system, with its laundry list of complex Federal taxes to the relatively simple Fair Tax system, which I honestly believe to be the best system of taxation and one which will allow for a renewed growth in our economy.

Currently Herman Cain is, to my knowledge, the only candidate in the 2012 POTUS race who has shown continual support for this new system of taxation and that is why he, right now, gets my support. Here, Mr. Cain provides a brief overview of the Fair Tax during the first Republican Presidential Debate, back in May:

No video embedded? Click here…


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