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Long Time No… Entry!

Well… life is bubbling along, barely on simmer on the back burner.

I’m still actively looking for work, applying to a few places each week, but I don’t seem to be making headway. If I do get any response from an application, its a “Thanks, but…”.

Those responses are particularly annoying because I’m applying for positions that I know I can do or have done in the past. I sometimes think that somewhere out there there’s a black mark against my name that just eliminates me from getting further in the process.

I have been in a bit of a funk these last few months, stemming from this long dark tunnel of job searching, no less. There is a glimmer in the form of having recently signed up to an employment agency, but even that hasn’t produced anything, so far.

I have seven or eight ideas for businesses, but am not sure how to go about starting any of them, especially those that will require an injection of capital. The only real asset we have anymore is our house, which is badly in need of renovating, so the Personal Financial Statement area of Business plans scares the shit out of me and just seeing that page makes me stop.

The plans range from a fully professional rugby team through to an errand running business!

Our house is not about to fall down or anything, but some of the plumbing needs replacing, the place could do with rewiring, the basement needs a full damp-proofing, new windows are probably at the top of the list… you know… just stuff.

We made a big mistake with this house, I think. Circumstances were just against us. Of course, I fell in love with the place because its a couple of lots, of which the empty lot contained a grape vine and there was plenty of space for the kids to run around.

Now, though, they barely ever go outside, especially out back. A wasp nest last summer killed our eldest’s interest in the yard, completely. He was already uneasy about bugs and now, even a midge has him running back inside. Our other son has some interest outside and even helped me sow the vegetable beds some.

The “problems” with the house are enough for me to fantasize that we win the lottery and do our own version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition or This Old House. The structure is sturdy, though, as the only damage we’ve had to deal with, through all the strong storms we’ve encountered since moving in, in 2005, has been the need to replace the roof shingles. Still, its a roof over our heads.

Which is more than some people in a similar position to us have, right now…


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