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Its Never Just A Sport

The teams show their sportsmanship

The teams show their sportsmanship

I was out with DS2, trying to find things to keep him occupied and as I surfed the radio stations I came across the live commentary for the University of Dayton Flyers‘ football game that was in progress. I had found something for us to do for an hour or two!

We arrived almost at the end of the first half and UD were being thrashed, 24-0. The game ended on an INT as time ran out, by the University of San Diego Toreros, that sealed their 31-28 win. It was, as we Brits say, a cracker!

Of course, DS2’s enthusiasm had waned by the start of the 4th quarter, but he did a lot better than I expected, for the bundle of energy he is!

Due to over spill, we were in the Visitors stand, so the enthusiasm I felt building was quelled a little, but all in all, I loved it. It brought back memories of watching Cardiff Tigers at Ninian Park and of watching rugby games at the various stadia in Cardiff.

The highs and the lows. The ecstasies and the agonies.

Oh… and the band. Amazing! I have a feeling that the “band kids” are the ones to party with on campus. They don’t just play their instruments whilst stomping about the field, they dance and sing too. And whilst in the stands, they provided intraplay soundtrack. Black Sabbath’s Iron Man… The Imperial March from the Star Wars movies… their repertoire was varied and vast.

And its all done with smiles a mile wide! *s*

Unfortunately it was UD’s last home game of the season, but next year, I plan on yelling myself hoarse, bedecked in UD paraphernalia, at least once and whilst there I will look about and nod, acknowledging its more than just a sport.

Update 2/7/13:

Hrmph… I had forgotten all about that plan in the last paragraph. Maybe next season!!


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