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Into Politics? Get Out There And Show It!

This past Saturday I took the short road trip down to Cincinnati for the “Victory Ohio” rally for the Romney campaign. This was my first ever political rally and I really enjoyed it.

Now, I’m not a Romney supporter, as I consider myself a libertarian, but after about an hour of listening to different speakers, the build up of the energy in the audience was palpable. As the stature of the speakers grew, so did the energy.

I was in the overflow auditorium. At one point, the sound on the big screen cut out and an audible, collective, disappointed “Oh!” echoed around the room, which was almost immediately replaced by a huge cheer, a scream almost, as Rob Portman, John Boehner and Ann & Mitt Romney stepped through the curtain at the stage off to the side of the room.

For a moment, I was confused, as I hadn’t noticed the stage area. Now I know what to look for at any future rallies I might attend! After a little banter and some mini speeches they left and a few minutes later appeared on the big screen.

Before I knew it, it was all over. I let the crowds thin as I tweeted and posted to FaceBook some immediate thoughts, and hung around the stage with a dozen or so others, who I am sure were all hoping Mitt Romney would make an impromptu appearance. As was I!

As I was heading through the parking lot of the Union Terminal, I was approached by a well-dressed woman, about my age, carrying a Romney/Ryan sign, of the kind that they hand out to wave, as part of the audience. She struck up a conversation and we chatted the block and a half we walked together, before we went our separate ways. Her enthusiasm and energy for her party’s chosen ticket kept my enthusiasm alive, too! Heck, if I had walked from there to the polling booth I might very well have voted for Romney/Ryan.

And this is my point: sitting at home and posting stuff supporting your ideology, or denouncing others’ is all very well, but to really get energized, get out there and get to a rally and/or do something for your candidate, even if its just a bumper sticker and a yard sign.

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