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Meeting The Bloggess

In my almost 42 years of life, I have met a handful of people who I consider famous, (is that a lot or a few, I wonder, but I digress).

This past Tuesday, I got to meet Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, a blogger whose work I have been a fan of for a while now, as her entries never fail to amuse. She was in Dayton at the Books & Co., at The Greene,  for a “Meet The Author” event, where she did a reading from her book of memoirs, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, (she is on a book tour to promote it coming out in paperback). The store management had asked her to not use any curse words, (I’m assuming because the large children’s section and the sizable Christian books section are within earshot, of the meeting space for the event, even without a p.a. system), so she chose “hippopotamus” as a substitute!


She then took some questions from the audience and then had a book signing.

When it got to my turn, my mind was blank with what small talk to make. As I snapped a picture of her signing the newly bought copy of her book…

The Bloggess Book Signing

…I was thinking not only I hope my ‘phone’s battery doesn’t die before I get a pic, but what to say. Then it occurred to me how much there is actually to see/do around Dayton, but how little time she had in the area, (or any of the places on her book tour, for that matter), I asked if she had managed to see anything of the area, here and in the other places on the tour.

“No,” she sighed. “But I did get to eat at Arby’s,” she said, with what I felt pretend enthusiasm.

“Ugh. If I had known, I would have brought you a Killer Brownie, from a local store here, Dorothy Lane Market. I had thought of bringing one, but changed my mind. MAybe you could grab one before you leave, tomorrow,” I responded. (I had had the idea earlier in the day, but on discussing it w/ DW, it was decided I didn’t want to be “that” fan, (though considering some of the stuff that was present in the photo ops, a gift of a brownie would have been out of place as too sensible!)

Disappointment overcame Jenny’s face and I felt bad. However, her next event was in Cincinnati the next night, so quick wittedly I realized she’d be in Dayton at least for the next morning, so as I retrieved my newly signed book.

“Thanks. It was great to meet you and don’t forget – Killer Brownie, Dorothy Lane Market!”

And with that, I walked away, happy to have met Jenny and over the moon that I hadn’t become a babbling idiot and had had some real small talk to engage.

Some people don’t like her because her writings have a liberal smattering of expletives, others because they just don’t believe anyone could have such a craziness about them, but I have always seen in her writings a glimpse into everyone’s life. We all have that crazy s**t in our lives that we just don’t tell anyone about, but seeing someone write about some event mirrored or similar to something in your own life makes you realize we all have these issues, at some level.


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