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Brushes With Fame

In my previous entry, I wrote about meeting The Bloggess at a book signing. I have, however, had a few other brushes with fame

Back in 1999, in one of the multitude of bookstores in the English town of Hay-on-Wye I briefly met Phil Harding, one of the archaeological forces behind on of the best tv shows ever to grace the British airwaves, Time Team. I instantly regretted bumbling a few words at him and not offer to go sit in a pub, buy him a drink and some grub and listen to his stories and advice and so I just wandered off, embarrassed!

The next celebrity I got to meet was Russell Grant, the British astrologer, who came in to the place I was working, for a meeting with the owner. I actually remember very little, except he was dressed in sweatpants and I acted like a butler!

This past November, my wife & I went to the Romney/Ryan campaign rally in West Chester, OH and I managed to greet and introduce us, to the political blogger Robert S. McCain, aka The Other McCain, who in turn introduced me to his companion and fellow political blogger,  Ali A. Akbar, as they dashed through the line. A brief meeting, but one which my wife & I were stoked to have had.

To finish, a couple of “six degrees of separation” connections for some indirect brushes with fame.

My late Nan was the cleaner at the, (now since demolished), British Transport Police offices at Cardiff Central railway station. I don’t recall his rank, (Sgt.?), but one of the BTP officers was Dennis Giggs, but if you’re into soccer you will more likely know his grandson, Ryan.I don’t recall ever meeting him, but if we did it was probably when Pope John Paul II visited Cardiff, as we watched the procession from the offices’ windows.

Finally, whilst at university, one of my close friends played football with the then-future-now-former Captain of the Wales rugby team, Mark Taylor.

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