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For The 96…

I am a fan of three forms of football Рfootball/soccer, rugby union and [American] football. My favorite soccer team, for 30+ of the 40+ years I have had the privilege to have been around this Earth, has always been Liverpool FC.

Whilst still something of a powerhouse in British and European soccer, they aren’t quite at the heights they were back then and, if I’m honest, I likely became a fan of theirs because they were the best at that time.

Anyway… 15th April, 1989 was the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest FC, held at the neutral Hillsborough ground, of Sheffield Wednesday FC. It was during a time in British football when hooliganism, though waning, was still rife, so when LFC supporters started pouring out over and through the fences and gates at the Leppings Lane end of the ground, slowly at first, and then in great numbers, the other fans in the ground and the viewers at home all initially thought that hooligans were about to spoil another football match.

If only that were true…

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