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Why Twitter Rocks II


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Because I Keep Missing #NMDChat!

The Tweetchat room is found here.

I also added the event to my Google Calendar, I think its Public. Add it to yours w/ this button:

Why Twitter Rocks!

One of the clutch of people who I follow on Twitter, and who are local to me, Shana Douglas, recently tweeted this question:

What’s your favorite thing about Twitter?

As soon as I saw this, I knew my response:

@ShanaDouglas Its a great equalizer and can be an awesome crowd source opportunity.

But what did I mean exactly?


By this, I mean it enables the “everyman” the ability to communicate with those people who we might see to be in some kind of position of celebrity, power and/or respect.

Between my Twitter personas, I have had chats, (ranging from a tweet and a response to a short flow of dialog), on Twitter with the following people:
NY Times’ Tech columnist, David Pogue;
Actor/Author/Gamer/Geek Will Wheaton;
Actor, Brent Spiner;
Actor/Comedian, Bill Cosby;
Singer/Songwriter, Cerys Matthews;
Ex-England rugby star, Will Carling; &;
Ex-England rugby star, now USA Rugby CEO, Nigel Melville.

These are all people who, in the normal course of my day, I would be unlikely to interact with. However, this has also made me feel that if I did see these people in a store or waiting for their Big Mac and coke, I could probably say “Hi!” to them and get a response.

Crowd Source

I was fairly new to Twitter when I saw an online news article about how David Pogue was using Twitter to crowd source a book:

I loved the idea, so I started following him and responded to his requests. Amazingly, I ended up with four entries. I was a confirmed Twitterphile!

I’ve also found myself involved, albeit less actively these past few months, with a wonderful connection for us parents of special needs kids, in Marianne Russo, creator and host of The Coffee Klatch, which is an awesome support network for us parents of special needs children, whether we’re taking part in the Twitter chats or listening to the interviews on Blog Talk Radio. Its so easy to find others who share a situation, hobby or passion on Twitter and with the “Lists” feature, its even easier to keep track of the multitude of people you follow.

So there… that’s a quick look at why I think Twitter rocks!

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