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Rock ‘n’ Rugby

This story concerning actor/wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his respect for rugby got me thinking…

Initially, I wondered, what if we could get The Rock to participate in some kind of exhibition or league game, even if it was only for one half or one quarter, but then my idea quickly progressed into a Celebrity Barbarians side for an exhibition/charity game, or two. I’m sure that twenty three celebrities who have played a little rugby could be found, even without including any foreign nationals who are known in the US.┬áThis idea then morphed into the idea of a US Celebrity Barbarians vs. Foreign-born US Celebrity Barbarians charity game.

Personally, I think that right now, any of these ideas, if implemented, would bring in some publicity for the game of rugby union in the United States, but hey, I’m just a fan who believes the United States Eagles should be one of the top rugby international representative squads in the world and who wants the game to grow in this country…

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